Sunday, April 10, 2016

MuscleTech Creactor Creatine Review

This is another innovative product from Muscletech, its creatine only a different kind. What I mean by different is that it does not use the industry standard creatine monohydrate, instead they make use of creatine hcl and free acid creatine. So im sure you are curious about how these two types of creatine are different and how they work on the body. Here is the difference.

Creatine hcl or (creatine hydrochloride) is essentially adding a salt molecule to the basic creatine monohydrate which in turn makes it extremely soluble and easy to absorb into the body. This has taken away the loading phase of normal creatine which was as long as a week, and has sped up the intake of creatine. It also has eliminated bloating that comes with taking creatine monohydrate which is a huge plus.

Free Acid Creatine is just another way of saying very pure. It contains no acids or salt, meaning it is 100% pure. Compared to normal creatine monohydrate which is 87% pure, free acid creatine is supplying the purest creatine to your muscles.

So here is my review after a month of taking this.

I purchased the unflavored version so i could mix it with anything i wanted, I noticed a problem with this right off the bat. I was trying my first test with plain water and noticed an actual taste, it was like lime flavored water. Although it doesn't come through when i mix it with protein it did a flavor when I wanted an unflavored version.

The mixabilty left a lot to be desired, i can get over clumping but this did not dissolve well in water. I could see it fall and rest at the bottom. I had to shake it then drink really fast, and get more water for the rest that was left at the bottom. Once again I didn't have a problem when i mixed with a protein shake so all was well after i figured that out.

I started to notice subtle effects after about the 3rd day, I was able to lift longer and a bit more weight. Its always nice to see something you spent money on work! After a few weeks I started to feel my muscles getting more full and my head getting as big a balloon. With creatine it really is a case of consistency is key, If you don't take it everyday you wont get what you paid for.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to creatine for the first time, it works but it wont if your not putting in work on your end. Thanks your for taking the time to read my reviews, I know they aren't much but I do pay for these products myself and try to provide honest feedback. Please leave a comment if have questions or want me to try a product.