Friday, March 11, 2016

Muscle Tech Clear Muscle Review

I'm a huge fan of companies that are constantly being innovative and look to provide us customers with the next big thing. MuscleTech is one of those companies and with that being said they also get tons of flack for over hyping products based on limited science. So you either are a fan or not, i am a little bit in the middle because i want to review it fairly, but at the same time i spend my own money on these products and i would like them to work as promised.

I purchased these when they first came out because i am a sucker for new products with bold promises. I started using them about three week ago, don't know why i waited so long, but i did and now i am able to provide my review. 

So what exactly is Clear Muscle?

Clear Muscle is Free acid beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate or HMB-FA. HMB-FA is a by product of leucine and as you know leucine is an essential amino acid that aids in protein synthesis. Check out most of your protein supplements and you will see Leucine there. Clear Muscle provides the HMB-FA which is used my the body much faster. For More In Depth Info Look Here

When To Take?

On the instructions it says to take 3 times daily for maximum results. I took it 2 time daily, once in the morning and 30-45 minutes before a workout.

The pills 

The pills are clear as is the liquid, they do have something that appears to be a glue substance that locks them in the center. Hope its not  

After Effects

I usually don't have issues with most supplements because i can stomach a lot of it but for whatever reason i have to run to the restroom right before i start my workout. But after im good to go and the workouts are really good. 


I did notice that i was making some very good gains and the weights i usually have trouble with were no problem. My recovery was very nice even on leg day. This product does work, but it has its drawbacks which i will explain next.


For me this product worked but it came with a price, that price being that you have to keep buying it to stay where you are at. What i mean by that is that i stopped taking it for a week just to see what would happen with my progress, everything that was easy became harder and the progress i had made took a step back. I mean i didnt lose everything, but the ease was just gone. Value wise is dependent upon how you take it, 3 times you get 28 days at 2 times you get 42 days for around $40 bucks.


This product does work and you will see some gains but be prepared for when you stop, it will be noticeable. If you have the extra cash i say give a try, buy at least a 2 month supply go hard in the gym make some nice gains then when you run out go a week or two without it then make the decision if your going to make it apart of your permanent stack.